Baddox and Boatside - South Tyne - Baddox Race

Below the stream in from Papermill West Pool, the fishing is on the right bank down to Coastley Burn (by the bungalow).  In Race, the deeper water flows down nearer the far bank.  Fish are hooked all the way down the pool, from the posts on the far bank at the top, to the ’V’s at the tail, but the best area seems to be between the large boulders on the far bank and the pipes.  The ‘V’s in the tail of the pool also fish well, in all heights of water .

Perhaps a high density sinking line might cut through to the deeper lying fish, or a muddler ripped through the surface might provide an exciting take.  

That common complaint that fish are always toward the opposite bank is for once accurate here.  The fly needs to reach the opposite bank wherever possible