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Warden Fishing - Baddox and Boatside Beat

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Baddox & Boatside Beat

Just over 1 mile of fishing, starting on the Right Bank of the South Tyne above Fourstones Paper Mill, stretching past the Baddox Farm to where The Coastley Burn joins the River, and on the Left Bank from Hardhaugh Cottages down to Warden Road Bridge by the Boatside Inn. There are 6 main named pools.

Baddoc Race Baddox Mill baddormiddle Boatside Hardhaugh Baddox Costley Baddox Boat Pool

Baddox & Boatside Beat

South Tyne

Right Bank & Left Bank

1) Race

2) Mill

3) Baddox (3)

4) Coastley (2)

5) Hardhaugh (2)

6) Boat Pool