Baddox & Boatside - South Tyne - Upper and Middle Pools

Baddox Pool seems to be a featureless expanse of water, however the riverbed is anything but - twenty salmon were taken from Baddox in October 2005!  

A deep channel runs close to the right or near bank throughout the length of Baddox.  At present the bank shelves steeply into

deep water upstream of the three power lines and wading is not possible

This is essentially a high water pool i.e. 0.4 – 0.6m+ STF being ideal.  It is important to note that at low to medium heights, the stream from Mill Pool flows very slowly more or less straight down Baddox.  However, at the ideal height described, a dramatic change takes place! The strong stream now swings right into the deep channel near the Right bank.  Fish can be taken both in the stream and in the quieter water between the stream and the far bank. Long casting towards the opposite bank is the method if opportunities are not to be missed.  Retrieve immediately for several yards to avoid snagging, then slow it down into the main stream.

Downstream of the power lines the channel is also deep, but wading has been possible up until now.  Bank erosion is ongoing here, so great care must be taken and check the depth before entering the water.  

Access to the water for fly-fishing is gained just downstream from the willow tree under power lines.  Stay close to the bank as the water deepens rapidly. Further down, by the stone blocks near a bush, there is a deep hole, so exit here and re enter just downstream of the rocks to continue fishing down to the hut. The water shallows opposite the hut at a sub surface ‘ford’ before the channel deepens again in Lower Baddox.  Four salmon in a day have been caught on fly from Baddox.