Baddox and Boatside - South Tyne -  Mill Pool

This stretch of river changes year by year, from flood to flood. There is now little left of what was once a big island in the middle of the river.  

Fish are often taken in the fast stream across the top of the pool. Then move down the right side of the stream, casting close in to the far bank (area A), which is a good fish-holding area. There is a good pull on the fly all the way down.  We are assured that the occasionally lurid coloured dyes in the discharge stream from the paper mill are environmentally friendly.  

There are deeper holes in the riverbed close to the lower end of the island and the pressure of water in the river makes it difficult to wade back upstream to get out.

So re-assess the riverbed every year and always beware of a rapidly rising river!

Wading and fishing from the bottom of the island will catch fish moving up from Baddox.