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Warden Fishing - Fourstones Beat

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Fourstones Beat

The Fourstones Beat stretches for just under 1 mile from the village of Fourstones to Fourstones Paper Mill on the left bank of the South Tyne. Access is via a private level crossing (LC) of the Tyne Valley Railway, with car parking for Fishing next to the Bend Pool in the centre of the Beat. There are 7 named pools.

Papermill West pool Fourstones Rapids Fourstones Long Stream Fourstones Wharmley Fourstones The Pot Fourstones Bend Pool Fourstones Flats

Fourstones Beat

South Tyne - Left Bank

1) Fourstones Rapids

2) Long Stream

3) Wharmley

4) Pot

5) Bend Pool

6) Flats

7) West pool