Fourstones - South Tyne - Papermill West Pool

Parking is at the public lay-by, after the level crossing beyond Fourstones Paper Mill or by the South Tyne Bend Pool and access to the river is along the public footpath by the level crossing.

The top of the pool is under the power lines crossing the long pool above Fourstones Paper Mill.  The tail of this long pool, before the river goes down the rapids, round the bend and into Race, is known as the West Pool.  It is really only the bottom 30-40 metres from the end of the bushes that provides all the interesting fishing.

The tail of the pool fishes very well in high water (above 0.20m+ STF).  Wading is deep but relatively easy underfoot from the end of the bushes to the ‘V’s, up to a maximum wading height of 0.35m+ STF.  The fly comes round nicely in high water.

Fish seem to come up the inside curve of the rapids (upstream of Race) and into the ‘V’s of the tail of West Pool, where they rest a while before spreading out across the river.  Providing the water is not too muddy in spate conditions, the fishing can be fantastic.ner.

Below a water height of 0.20m+ STF hand-lining to move the fly is necessary and the fish can be more easily spooked.

However, upstream of the end of the bushes, the water is too deep to wade in high water (over 0.20m+ STF) but access down the steep bank to the water’s edge has been made.