North Tyne - Island Pool

Entry to the water is by the upper boundary limit, upstream of the power lines.

In the upper part of the pool, the river bed is a nice gravel but the stones become larger as you progress down the pool with several large submerged boulders near the right bank towards the lower end.

There is a reasonable pull on the fly.

The hidden menace, however, is a deep-water channel running adjacent to the right bank for some distance until near the lower end of the upper section. (Exit points from this pool are marked on the map of Island Pool – middle section, but there is a slightly difficult exit by the large beech tree, just above the small island on the right side of the map).

Island Pool - middle section

For entry to the middle section of Island Pool, walk along the path upstream from the lower section of Island Pool, past the stones, the two small islands and the cut tree trunks. Access can be made just below the large beech tree by the path. The bank is a bit steep but the water is not too deep here.  

There are a lot of large stones and boulders, usually underwater, but it’s not too challenging and you can wade out far enough to Spey-cast.  There is a good pull on the fly.  

Fish show at the end of the islands on the far side.

Entry and exit points are limited and are marked on the map.