Watersmeet - South Tyne - Watersmeet Pool

Lower North Tyne Pools - Right Bank

Access to the pools of the lower North Tyne is from the South Tyne at Watersmeet.

The car parking arrangements by the old Church Room (Green Hut)

The junction of the North and South Tyne rivers is marked as the Watersmeet Pool on the maps.  

The last pool on the North Tyne (or the first pool upstream when approaching from  Junction) is called…

Watersmeet Pool  (WMP) North Tyne (RB)

This is not an easy pool to fish. With river levels higher than 0.25m+ STF, the water is deep and the current is quite strong.

Access to the river, down the steep bank through the bushes, has been made in one or two places so that the tail of the pool can be fished by spey casting, but the water gets deep quickly so you have to stay close to the bank!  Furthermore, in the upper part of the pool, the bank is  overgrown with bushes and overhanging branches, so even spey casting is difficult.

It is possible to fish the pool by wading out through the fast broken water at the head of the WMP to the middle of the stream where it is less deep.  It is then possible to cast to the far bank and allow the fly to swing all the way round towards the near bank where fish have been hooked. Wading down the middle of the pool will enable you to fish the mainstream and put you within casting range of the tail of WMP

But it is deep and the pressure of water can be strong!