Thistlerigg - North Tyne - Thistle Pool & lower Casting Platform

The whole stretch appears to be a continuous glide broken only by the huge Thistle rock about two thirds of the way down ( B on the map).  There are no demarcation lines of throats and tails to distinguish one pool from the other.  Thistle may look rather uninteresting with few features and no obvious lies, but if you find yourself with this thought in mind, think again!

Thistle begins from the tail of Folly, virtually at the fence on the left bank with the shelter just downstream.  It stretches down to the Thistle rock approximately twenty yards above the upper limits of the Lower Casting Platform on the right bank.  The Lower Casting Platform stretches from the rock down to below the platform at a point where fly casting becomes impossible due to bushes and vegetation.

Lower Casting Platform


There are two good lies at the top of this pool, which are impossible to fish with the fly in an orthodox manner; the first is, of course, the lie at ‘F’ on the map, previously referred to in ‘Thistle - lower section’.  The other lie is in the eddy and run behind the Thistle rock (G on the map).