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Warden Fishing - Thistlerigg Beat

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Thistlerigg Beat

On the right bank of the North Tyne, the Thistlerigg Beat stretches just under 1 mile from Walwick boundary pool through Sandy wood, Wall rapids, Folly and Thistle pools down the flats to Nether Warden boundary. There are 8 named pools and 2 casting platforms, built in the 1920’s as well as 2 access and car parking points.

Thistlerigg Boundary Thistlerigg Upper Casting Thistlerigg Wallpool Thistlerigg Rapids Thistlerigg Folly Thistlerigg and LCP Thistlerigg Flats

Thistlerigg Beat

North Tyne - Right Bank

1) Boundary Pool

2) Upper Casting Platform

3) WallPool (2)

4) Rapids

5) Folly

6) Thistle

7) Lower Casting Platform

8) Flats