Thistlerigg - North Tyne - Upper Casting Platform

The fishing on the right bank of the North Tyne starts from the tiny burn at the upstream boundary of Sandy Wood all the way down to the boundary fence half way down the Flats

Upper Casting Platform (UCP)

Access to the fishing of the Upper Casting Platform and Wallpool Wood on the right bank is gained either by crossing a stile opposite the Homers Lane layby or going through the barrier gate into the adjoining “Tup Field” and  then walking down the fenceline to a second stile at the top of some steep steps down to the upper casting platform.

Fishing above the Upper Casting Platform from the right bank in Sandy Wood is quite challenging in that the bank is steep.  It is possible to wade, close to the bank, from just upstream of the ‘pulpit’ block down to the UCP in order to Spey-cast over the fish-holding area upstream of the UCP.  

Fishing from the Upper Casting Platform is very rewarding! The wading is, of course, much easier, but care still has to be taken, as the platform is narrow and uneven.

 Fly-fishing needs careful overhead casting (better off the left shoulder) or more obviously Spey-casting.  There is a good pull on the fly.  Start near the top of the platform and work your way down, casting diagonally to cover the water.  Fish are taken all the way down the channel, but the best fish-holding area is towards the bottom and extends over most of the water below and to the left of the platform.