Thistlerigg - North Tyne - Upper and Lower Wallpool

This is a long wide pool with mostly slow moving water, apart from the stream at the head of the pool, which provides good fly-fishing.  

Wall Pool generally fishes better in high water (over 0.30m+ STF) when the stones down the middle of the pool are well covered.  It is definitely a good place to be in water heights of ~0.5m+STF!

At the head of Wall pool there is a chain of stones down the middle. The shape of the central pair of these stones has inspired comparison with various well-endowed females of yesteryear – hence they are known as the Sabrina stones.  Tradition has it that when these stones are covered, both fish and fishermen are less distracted and the fishing is good!  

Be that as it may, the fish tend to lie below or close to the lowest stone of the chain (marked in area C on the map).

Many fish (more sea trout than salmon) have been taken from this fast water but the stream is shallow in places.  

Although fish are sometimes hooked in the fast water between the central stones, Most fish are hooked below the bottom stone and fish are often taken near the big stones beyond the willow bushes.

Beyond the willows, the stream slows and moves out to the middle.