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Warden Fishing - Watersmeet Beat

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Watersmeet Beat

In total, just over 2/3 of a mile of fishing on both the North Tyne and the South Tyne and their Junction. Starting on the left bank of the South Tyne, from Warden Road Bridge, through the Old Railway Bridge pool to the Watersmeet and on the right bank of the North Tyne from Low Warden  down to the Watersmeet, with 6 named pools including the Junction.

Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Pool 4 Watersmeet Bridge Watersmeet Warden Bridge Pool

Watersmeet Beat

North Tyne - Right Bank

South Tyne - Left Bank

1) Island Pools (2)

2) Watersmeet Island Pool

3) Watersmeet

4) Junction Pool

5) Old Railway Bridge Pool

6) Warden Bridge Pool