Watersmeet - South Tyne - Bridge Pool

Years ago, Bridge Pool used to be regarded as the best pool on the South Tyne!  It is still yields a good number of fish every year, although they tend to be hooked in a relatively confined area at the top of the pool.  It fishes best in low water up to 0.20m+ STF.

“…Start above the overhanging willow – about two yards – and just downstream of the remains of the old bridge.

…In high water (0.15 – 0.25m+), cast at 30º to the far side and mend the line.  Fish take in slack (water) on far side (area A on map).

…In lower water (0.05 – 0.20m+), start at the same place but cast at 40º.  Fish take in the middle of the current opposite the path through trees… (area B on map)”

In higher water it is well worth fishing all the way down Bridge Pool with both fly and spinning rods, but the river current flowing through the old bridge is very strong so don’t wade out too far and don’t be tempted to enter the river above the bridge!